Without Fear is Diversity/Equity/Inclusion consulting to help you build a healthy and supportive multicultural workplace (even if that seems daunting) while creating long-lasting organizational change that uplifts the thriving of historically marginalized people…all without the blame and shame culture that so many fear from anti-oppression work.

In addition to being a popular public speaker, Sandhya does anti-oppression and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion consulting, training, coaching, and workshops under the name “Without Fear Consulting.” Sandhya has fifteen years of anti-oppression training experience along with twenty-five years of organizing and activism experience.

Sandhya offers support for progressive corporate DEI teams as well as non-profits, institutions of higher education, and faith organizations. Their primary focus is ongoing coaching of teams in order to ensure ongoing success, but they are also open to one-time events, especially as a means of exploring a potential ongoing relationship.

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