Who is behind Without Fear Consulting?

Without Fear Consulting was formed in 2020 by Sandhya Rani Jha in order to expand their 15 years of anti-oppression work to serve a larger community. Without Fear Consulting also works in partnership with a group of amazing anti-oppression consultants with diverse areas of expertise.
What does Without Fear Consulting believe?

Most organizations have the capacity to become equitable and just. If 20% of a population is committed to something, that is enough to effect change. With a little support, that 20% in your organization can create an organization grounded in Diversity/Equity/Inclusion values and practices.
What does Without Fear Consulting do?

Without Fear Consulting engages organizations in their commitment to true inclusion and anti-oppression by providing the necessary tools to effect long-term change in the workplace for the sake of true liberation and justice.
How does Without Fear Consulting do it?

Without Fear Consulting provides team coaching, training, and peer support programs, bolstering organizations’ commitment to true inclusion and anti-oppression at work. We provide this service so that equity leaders in their organizations have the tools to establish an anti-racism and anti-oppression culture in their workplace and also across their industry that lasts over time.

Without Fear Consulting has a particular priority on equipping DEI teams to engage in work that transforms the overall culture of their organization.
Who is Without Fear Consulting for?

Without Fear works best with organizations open to change, where at least a group within the organization seeks for the organization to play a role in disrupting the status quo regarding the lack of equity, access, and dignity of all people, creatures, and creation.